Veterans’ Hospital


In the last few months, N.E. 13th Street has been repaved between Phillips Ave. and Stonewall. It seems this crosswalk has always been there–at least the curb cut on the south side of 13th Street doesn’t appear to be new–but the crosswalk was old and faded, and everyone forgot it was there.

With recent renovations to Veterans’ Hospital, it’s difficult to remember what the north side of 13th Street looked like in the past.Vet3

Now, the area looks much better and much safer. Sometimes authorities set up a mobile sign to remind drivers to stop for pedestrians.

This crosswalk is very important, as it extends from the bus stop on the south side of 13th Street to the entrance to Veterans’ Hospital. It is used by many men and women who have served our country and are traveling to Veterans’ Hospital for care.

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