December, 2015


A work of modern sculpture? – perhaps, man against environment? A venue for an impromptu street performer? Or just something to remind us to celebrate International Polygon Day? HappyFeetOKC dubs it Mount Polygon.

Mount Polygon, an oft-neglected jewel, is located on the south side of NE 13th Street just east of Phillips Avenue and west of Mark Everett Drive, ascending twelve inches above the surrounding sidewalk, located approximately six feet east of the curb cut. What is it? That certainly is a question. Depending on how one looks at things, Mount Polygon narrows the width of the walkway by a factor of one-half to perhaps nearly two-thirds. Of course, the shape of the surrounding walkway in that area is, shall we say, interesting.

For those in wheelchairs, be sure to veer to the left. Moms with a preschooler at hand, while pushing a baby in a stroller with the other, will also find this an interesting navigational challenge when walking to the north and east of Children’s Hospital, conveniently located only footsteps away.

Never a dull moment when out and about for a stroll here in OKC!


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