March, 2016

Screenshot 2016-02-18 19.40.40
Safe Driving Reminder from “Watch for Me OKC”

The asphalt is always more cozy on the other side of the zebra stripes.

It comes as a surprise to some, that with all the roadway here in the metro area, our four-wheeled friends sometimes feel the need for a little more “toe room”. Ergo, the space reserved for pedestrians to cross at intersections seems like just the perfect place for those tired front tires to come to a comfortable resting place.Sec_Car_1

For example, the red car to the right just had to have some room to stretch out its radials, and the ordinary, non-stripey pavement was simply not enough. Notice that this (faded) painted crosswalk is drastically misaligned with the curb cuts anyway. Just imagine how close to moving traffic a pedestrian was forced to walk (before turning back and snapping this picture).

The photo on the left was snapped as a pedestrian had just walked across this street (NW 63rd at N. Meridian Ave.). Said pedestrian had to signal the driver of the gray pickup (right lane) of an intention to cross. Driver waved, but seemed unaware that her truck’s insistence on continuing to occupy these zebra stripes placed this pedestrian in the lane of southbound traffic on N. Meridian Ave. Pedestrian was thankful this was a Saturday morning with light traffic.

The black vehicle in the left-hand lane was feeling more generous, just needing a little bit of nose room, and willing to share.little_white_1

This little white car to the right, though not crowded from behind, needed just a little extra
zebra stripe front-bumper room. This cute little buggy was kind enough to leave space to share the stripes with someone crossing alone.

And likewise, this jeep below, didn’t feel the need to occupy the entire crosswalk, just a little chunk of it for some front-end stretch-out space.black_pickup_1

Yes, it’s nice that the new “Watch for Me” campaign is reminding cars (and the drivers who ride in them) that there’s plenty of room in a 620-square-mile city for everyone. So, we can spare a little bit of striped asphalt for humans.

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