Dallas, TX


Sometimes other cities have their own pedestri-oddities that deserve a shout-out from HappyFeetOKC. Though the focus here is on the plethora of interesting Happy Feet Finds here in the OKC metro, here is a doozy from our neighbor to the south, Dallas, TX.

So, what is that cement structure that some construction crew actually took the time to build?

That’s a question.

At first blush, it might seem to be a sort of “island,” perhaps that a driver or car passenger using a wheelchair might need. If said person gets out of the car, the wheelchair would already be at sidewalk level, eliminating the need for an accessibility ramp. Oh, but, the island is not aligned with the sidewalk. And, these parking places are not designated with the appropriate accessibility symbol.

So, why stick this thing in the parking lot? It’s a hindrance to anyone who might be walking through. If parking spots are mostly empty (admittedly not often) it’s just one more accident-waiting-to-be-tripped-over.

If the cars are there, it still serves no obvious purpose, even no obscure purpose, even no purpose anyone can dream up when they try really, really hard.

And just to make this clear…this is not a structure that is placed between all (or any other) parking spots in this area.IMG_0451

Too much of a curiosity not to receive an honorable mention.

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