Northpark Mall–Good Place to Walk a Little and See Nice Ficus Trees

Northpark Mall–Service Dogs Welcome Too

Malls were the rage back in the days of leisure suits. Much has changed, and not all for the better, but no one I know misses the leisure suits.

Malls have fallen upon hard times amid a struggling middle class, not to mention Amazon .com. Some would argue that malls have outlived their usefulness if they ever had any.
But, what better place to walk, rain or shine, in a reasonably well-lighted, smooth-surfaced place?

NPMall5Northpark Mall is more interesting than a skywalk. After all, it has a movie theater, and there are occasional stores with window displays amid the empty real estate that used to be stores.

According to residents of the surrounding neighborhood, the new sidewalks recently constructed in the area have ushered in a culture change. More than a few people are walking to the mall instead of driving!

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