February, 2016

PLC2_CropThis month we will visit a theme we will return to time and again…poor little cars. You see, even though we have over 600 square miles of space in OKC, much of it paved, many cars feel they need more room. They are forced to search for nose room or rear bumper room in adjoining walkways of parking areas.

For the most part, OKC pedestrians are accustomed to being unable to walk two abreast on walkways in order to make room for cars’ front ends or rear ends as the case may be.

PLC3_cropThis would be just a minor little thing, except when the rear end of the vehicle sports a trailer hitch that poses a real danger to an unsuspecting walker-by.

Even vehicles in parking garages–those expansive warehouses that serve as auto hotels–find themselves confined sometimes.

Note this pickup below, sporting a trailer hitch no less, that simply could not deal with the confines of a parking space and had to stretch out. Thank goodness there was extra space available. garage_1

If you have a nomination for the next Pedestria-trocity of the Month, email happyfeetokc@gmail.com.


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