A (Somewhat Minor) Case of Crosswalk Fever

Stephenson1Walking  westward along the south side N.E. Tenth Street, approaching Phillips Ave., one finds a 45º turn to the left to accommodate a sign–nothing an OKC pedestrian cannot handle. Then, the sidewalk leads to a somewhat unusual but pleasant surprise, a striped crosswalk. This crosswalk provides safe travel across an entrance to Stephenson Cancer Center’s parking garage.Stephenson2 The strange thing is where the crosswalk leads.

It appears to be severely mismatched with the sidewalk on the other side of the entrance. Upon Stephenson3further investigation–let’s get another angle on this, shall we?–the crosswalk is oriented parallel to the street, but that doesn’t mean that pedestrians should maintain a parallel course. The crosswalk leads to a narrow walkway with a 90º turn–not a problem for pedestrians–but with a turning radius of approximately zero, a significant problem for a disabled person. This then leads to traveling approximately two feet, then turning 90º on a dime again.

Just another interesting Happy Feet Find, another day in OKC.





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