Crosswalk Fever Hits 100…Yards, That Is

Tenth_St_Curb_CutsFirst, it should be said that the OU Health Science Center is one of the most walkable areas in Oklahoma City, second only to the downtown/Bricktown area or possibly some of the metro area college campuses.
Also, HSC drivers are among the most courteous in the metro area. Nonetheless, there are some things that add–entertainment, shall we say?–to the lives of the people who walk in that area. Read on.

On N.E. 10th Street, just west of Stonewall, there are two curb cuts directly across the street from each other…as if, just in case someone wishes to travel from Quirky Quad near the Stanton L. Young Biomedical Research Center to the Oklahoma State Department of Health, it will be possible to do so. Now, the odd thing–where are the usual crosswalk stripes? Fortunately, located just a short distance away (approximately one short football field’s distance to the west in fact) are the stripes.

Crossing N. E. 10th Street from north to south, Williams Pavillion to OU Family Medicine

Yes, that’s correct, here (to the right) are some real beauties! And these bright zebra stripes along with those 100-yard-to-the-east curb cuts must surely be a matched set, as these stripes have no curb cuts! This area does sport a nice sign….Sign_Cropped


Sometimes, the authorities used to put a sign between those two curb cuts near Stonewall, and we all know how that went.

NE 10th near Stonewall Ave. in Oklahoma City.

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